Apartment Hunting -
Film 2000

M2OH Role: Helen

Bill Robertson's second collaboration with Mary Margaret O'Hara is now available for the first time on DVD. This Special Edition DVD includes a 'Scoring the Scene' featurette with Mary Margaret in studio, two music videos: 'I Don't Care' & 'Dream I Had', as well as a music-only audio track containing music previously unreleased on the Soundtrack.

How do you know when you've found the right place? Ben Riddick (Andrew Tarbet) is a young married journalist uncomfortably living above a cheeseshop in Toronto's bustling Kensington Market. His marriage is in trouble, he can't find a publisher for his book and his boss has taken more than a casual interest in his beautiful wife Sarah (Kari Matchett). On top of that, could his futile search for a new apartment have left him infertile?

When given a last-minute assignment about tele-dating, Ben meets Celine (Valérie Jeanneret) over the phone and sparks fly. Now faced with more problems than he can handle, Ben must make a decision between fidelity and his perplexing attraction to a woman who is no more than a voice over the phone. Can commitment be possible in the age of cell phones, zero vacancy and birth control?

Featuring the critically acclaimed Soundtrack by legendary singer/songwriter Mary Margaret O'Hara, Bill Robertson's APARTMENT HUNTING is about trying to lead a perfect life, and knowing when to admit you've made a mistake. It's about looking for the perfect place, and knowing when you've found it.


Directed by: Bill Robertson

Writing: Bill Robertson

Andrew Tarbet .... Ben Riddick
Kari Matchett .... Sarah
Valérie Jeanneret .... Annie
Matt Gordon .... Mac McConnell
Rachel Hayward .... Lola
Arnold Pinnock .... Dean
John Evans
Tracy Wright .... Steve
Mary Margaret O'Hara .... Helen
Linda Kash .... Realtor
Ralph Benmergui .... Thurston Peacock III
Rosemary Radcliffe .... Poncho Woman
Elena Kudaba .... Cabbage Woman
Bill Lake .... Lecherous Man
Oscar Hsu .... Landlord
Robbie .... Buck
Replay .... Celine



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