- Short Film

M2OH Role: Doctor

Lisa Hayes directs this quirky view of a woman’s anxieties during her first mammogram.Overwhelmed by fear when facing her first mammogram after losing her mother to breast cancer, a young woman's anxieties take her to an alternate world where all the patients join together in dance. MAMMOGRAM brings a breath of fresh air and a different perspective on a very scary subject. 7 minutes


Megan Dunlop
Mary Margaret O’Hara
Michelle Smith
With dancers
Holly Small, Nenagh Leigh
Vivine Scarlett, Rina Singha
Choreography by Andrea Nann

Music by Mary Margaret O’Hara

Cinematography by Marcos Arriaga

Story by Michelle Smith
Written & Directed by Lisa Hayes
16mm, colour, 7 minutes ©2003

M2OH music on the soundtrack include:
Music by Mary Margaret O’Hara
All photographs by Sophie Giraud. © Black Moonlight Productions 2005 Suggestions and links are welcomed.
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