Label: Outside 2000
M2OH composed and recorded the soundtrack for the film Apartment Hunting. It is widely considered her second solo album, but don’t believe everything you hear/read/whatever.

Bill Robertson on collaborating with M2HO:The musical process on APARTMENT HUNTING was a little different because it ended up being more of a collaborative effort between Mary, myself and Rusty McCarthy, Mary’s long time collaborator. Most of the compositions are Mary’s, some are mine and some are Rusty’s. Some of the songs were completely improvised with Rusty and Mary Margaret’s long-time musician friends like Hugh Marsh, Mike Sloski and Phil Dwyer (to name just a few) who came out to jam in Rusty’s studio. We would watch the film and record as we watched, constantly discussing and feeling it through as we went along. Other pieces were composed by Mary Margaret and musicians were brought in one by one to lay down the parts. I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with such talented musicians. Mary is an international recording star and Rusty and the rest of the gang are some of the most talented musicians in the city. As well as being an incredible musical talent, Mary is a brilliant songwriter. She is also very funny and a tremendous spirit. It has been a real gift for me to be able to collaborate with somebody so talented. I’m beginning to work on a script for her, to highlight her multiple talents. 
Track Listings 
1 Was You (2:04) 
2 Never Came Back Again (4:53) 
3 Rain (2:59) 
4 Dream I Had (I) (3:44) 
5 Ay Candela! (3:25) 
6 Be a Man (Fallin’) (3:13) 
7 Scary Latin Love Song (1:45) 
8 If You See My Love (I) (1:56) 
9 I Don’t Care (4:26) 
10 Woo-Hoo (1:10) 
11 Have You Gone (6:30) 
12 Apartment of Cheese Suite (4:12) 
13 Love Will Take Its Time (3:38) 
14 If You See My Love (II) (1:54) 
15 Chez le Nez Suite (8:19) 
16 Dream I Had (II) (2:18) 
17 Hello Yellow Goose (Burning Dog) (1:07) 
Produced by:
Mary Margaret O’Hara, Rusty McCarthy & Bill Robertson

Mary Margaret O’Hara–vocals, bass
Rusty McCarthy–guitars, bass, vocals
Mike Sloski–drums, percussion
Matt Horner–keyboards, piano
Russ Boswell–bass
Celina Carroll–vocals, percussion
Chip Yarwood–guitars,
Louis Simao–bass
Klave y Kongo–one song performed by them alone
Bill Robertson–vocals, acoustic guitar
Michael White–trumpet
Dennis Keldie–accordion
Phil Dwyer–clarinet, saxophone
John Johnson–saxophone
 Lyrics coming soon