M2OH Role: Vivienne
Bradley Bachs is in a squeeze. His family, the world famous Bachs Family Accordion Polka Band, is falling apart. His father Willem has just committed suicide, his mother and ex-diva Vivienne is having a nervous breakdown and Brad and sister Lolly are being sent to live with their Mormon relatives in Utah! Now it’s up to Brad, teen accordion prodigy and compulsive organ squeezer, to bring things back together. In a last ditch effort to avoid domestic oblivion, Brad and his DJ buddy Seth sign up the Bachs Family Band to perform their new brand of “ghetto polka” at the annual accordion festival.
Director: Andrew Hull 

Writing credits (in alphabetical order) 
Andrew Hull co-writer 
Loren Rattew co-writer Cast 
Jennifer Harding …. Cindy 
Frank MacLeod …. Willem 
Mary Margaret O’Hara …. Vivienne 
Jonathon Paul …. Brad 
Jessica Sugar …. Lolly