M2OH’s only full length solo record to date; Miss America is a brilliant effort, and well worth hunting down. Produced by M2OH with help from Michael Brooke. Buy on Bandcamp¬†
Track Listings 
1 To Cry About (3:23) 
2 Year in Song (3:34) 
3 Body’s in Trouble (4:58) 
4 Dear Darling (3:51) 
5 New Day (3:11) 
6 When You Know Why You’re Happy (4:34) 
7 My Friends Have (3:10) 
8 Help Me Lift You Up (4:35) 
9 Keeping You in Mind (4:39) 
10 Not Be Alright (5:13) 
11 You Will Be Loved Again (3:36) 
Video for Body’s In Trouble 
Mary Margaret O’Hara Vocals, Main Performer, Artwork, Cover Design, Mixing, Producer 

Bruce Moffett Drums 
David Piltch Bass, ?, 5-string Bass 
Joe Primeau Overdubs 
Garth Richardson Engineer 
John Sheard Piano 
Michael Sloski Drums 
Randy Staub Engineer 
Stephen Traub Engineer 
Mick Walsh Engineer 
Bill Whelan Piano 
Kevin Markland Assistant Engineer 
Rusty McCarthy Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Guitar (Electric) 
Henrik Riik Bass, Bass (Electric) 
Don Rooke Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Rhythm), Guitar (Steel), Lap Steel Guitar, Photography 
Evan Caulford Assistant Engineer 
Jody Colero Executive Producer 
Kim Norwich Artwork 
Whelan Piano, ? 
Rhonda Bruce Assistant Engineer 
Hugh Marsh Violin, DX-7 
Michael Brook Guitar, Mixing, Co-Producer 
Paul Cobbold Engineer 
Bill Kennedy Engineer